Our Legislator Should Work for Us

Decisions are made by those who show up.

Our nation was founded on the idea that informed citizens could come together to make things better. Public servants come forward to address the issues of the day by listening to the people they represent, thoughtfully considering together outcomes, and then doing the necessary work to craft responsible solutions. Aside from special sessions, our legislature meets for just 90 days each year. This style should ensure that our representatives are addressing the needs of the communities they serve effectively while keeping themselves rooted in their local communities instead of serving special interests and developing a "career politician" mentality. This requires that decisions be made by those we ask to show up for us.

"Died in Committee" is not an outcome that benefits our communities, yet in the 2020 legislative session, it was the most common.

As a church leader, Pastor Phil has found that active listening and thoughtful reflection, followed by forward-focused decision making solves problems and grows communities. Without these steps, inaction results in dying communities. Pastor Phil will bring this same understanding and process to public service, focusing these tools of servant-leadership on the achievement of the following goals in the next legislative session:

Equip Education

Education comprises 49% of the state budget. Strong public schools attract and retain talented educators and support personnel. In the wake of COVID-19, this means providing the resources for safe environments, current technology, smaller class sizes, and adequate funding.

Protect Our Health

We are our brother's and sister's keepers.
Expanding Medicaid in Kansas will provide healthcare access to over 150,000 of our neighbors and strengthen our hospitals while actually reducing healthcare costs in the state budget.

Invest in Our Future

Business thrives when government works. Jobs are created and secured when business thrives. Families are stronger when jobs are secure. The investments we make in infrastructure and education will improve the lives of everyone in Kansas. When our legislature works for us, we get the dividends.


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