• Phil Hodson

Thoughts on God: November 16, 2017

Faith is more than abstract thought. Faith must be lived. Through practice we improve, right? In so many areas of our lives, the effort we put into consistent and regular practice matters more than what we simply think. Practice leads to proficiency and increased understanding, which leads to greater depth in knowledge and experience.

This is true of our faith journey. So, each week I offer a series of practices for your edification - a way of being faith-full in your daily life. There are five parts to each week's practice:

  • Pause: Find a space to gather together with a friend, neighbor or the members of your household. An evening meal would be a great setting in which to share in these practices together. We grow in relationship with God as we grow in relationship with others - you can't do faith in a vacuum.

  • Read: Read the key verse (I'll give you one each week) together. Maybe take turns reading it out loud two or three times. As you read, drink in the words. As you listen, be drawn into the story.

  • Pray: Invite someone to read the prayer aloud as you pray together before beginning your meal or going deeper into conversation with one another.

  • Share: I'll provide you with a few conversation questions. Connect with one another over your meal, a drink or just through this set apart time if that's how you use it.

  • Bless: As you close out your meal or time together, offer one another words of blessing.

Okay, so here we go:

For a child has been born to us; authority rests upon his shoulders;and he is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father,Prince of Peace.(Isaiah 9:6)

Pray:O God of all ages, you have never forgotten us. Renew in us your vision of your people restored, and fire us up to bring about your will on earth. In Jesus' Name, AMEN.


  • What was a high point of your day? What was a low point?

  • What does your name say about you? What do your nicknames say about you? What do these names for Jesus say about Jesus?

  • What name(s) would Jesus take on today? How would those names effect change in the world?


May God call you by name. AMEN.


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