Dear Friends and Family,

I’m writing to you today to share some exciting news: I am running for the Kansas House of Representatives! As a church leader, I believe our relationships with one another matter. No matter our differences of opinion, in challenging times, we need to come together, listen to one another, find solutions, and then act. That’s leadership.

Over the years you’ve known me, I’ve sought to lead in business and the church using these strategies, and now I feel called to step into public service in the same way. A majority of governing takes place at the local and state level, and my community has many important tasks ahead:

  • We have the second-highest-ranked school system in Kansas (and we’re very proud of that), but the pandemic has shown that it will take more resources to offer the very best to our kids and families going forward. Education funding is 49% of Kansas’ budget. As a parent who has seen my community’s educators finding ways to meet the challenges of teaching amid a pandemic, I will work to make sure they have the tools they need to succeed.

  • As a Christian, I see good health care as a fundamental human right. Medicaid expansion would free up capital in Kansas’ budget for other priorities, keep rural hospitals open, and provide health care access for more than 152,000 Kansans. This should happen in the next legislative session.

  • Several generations ago, In the mid-20th Century, Americans invested in the future, creating highways and infrastructure so that businesses could be built, jobs created, and new goods and services brought to the market to benefit all of us. With double-digit unemployment in our community, it is time we do this again. And I will work to see that these opportunities are revenue-neutral.

Our part-time State Legislature has just 90 days each year, and so much could be done to improve Kansans’ lives.

I’m writing because I need your help. Local political races are won on message and money. And campaigns at this level are funded through individual donations. Joelle and I are investing the maximum we’re allowed as a couple ($1,000 in the primary and $1,000 in the general), but that alone won’t finance a digital campaign, advertising, marketing, and small outdoor events to safely connect with voters.

Would you be willing to help? A single gift of $250 or a monthly pledge of $25 would go a long way to helping me spread the message and engage with the community. Everything we raise will be poured into winning.

I  have always valued your friendship and now ask for your support. I know it’s a lot to ask in uncertain times, but I really do believe a small group of committed people can make big changes. Click here to donate online or send a check to PHIL HODSON FOR KANSAS at the address below. 


Phil Hodson

Phil Hodson for Kansas

P.O. Box 642

Andover, KS 67 002

(316) 247-2122


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