21st Century Solutions for Your Congregation

The church exists to stand in witness to the world. The body that comprises a congregation has many parts, each with unique gifts, meant to be deployed for vibrant ministry. And the church, at a local level, is also a corporation, with basic administrative functions that need to be fulfilled on a regular basis. There was a time when the average congregation paid a pastor and a few bills each month, and those were easily managed through a simple checkbook and paper ledger. Today there are endowments to manage, paid staff and associated tax responsibilities, a variety of vendors beyond simple utilities, and a number of revenue streams that require independent tracking.

Financial administration is a necessity in a complex world, just as much for the church as any other organization. With a commitment to transparency among the membership and open communication, taking care to be effective stewards of the resources entrusted to us for the ministry of the church in the world is extremely important. And we no longer, quite often, have accountants and bookkeepers with the training or the free time to effectively serve in these areas on a voluntary basis.

In an ever-changing world where our witness is more important than ever before, the local church needs to concentrate the energy of the body of Christ on fulfillment of our shared mission, not on keeping the books. As a church professional who lives this shared ministry on a daily basis, I understand both the administrative and ministry needs of the local church and seek to provide a corporate accounting solution that ensures transparency and accuracy while keeping the body on the local level free to do active ministry in the community.

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